Monday, June 18, 2012

BJJ Solo Training
Andre Galvao

BJJ Solo Training with Andre Galvao.

Andre Galvao is regarded as being one of the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors in its history. He is a multiple BJJ world champion at different belt levels and has now transitioned into mixed martial arts. He is also an instructor and author of the book Drill to Win. In the video below he offers some insight into how he performs his BJJ solo training, though the drills and ideas are applicable to any form of grappling.

BJJ Solo Training Main Points

* Andre Galvao trains to get a submission.

* Rope work (without the aid of using the legs) builds both phenomenal upper body strength and improves the grip, vital for BJJ.

* Do stamina work after the main workout. Practice technique first when you are fresh then move onto conditioning when you are fully warmed up. Practicing technique when you are tired can lead to developing poor form.

* The application of force in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will not always be equal (unlike when lifting weights). Sometimes your right arm will be exerting more force than your left arm and vice versa. This will affect your core strength and balance too in different ways. (See Ultimate Warrior Workouts for more information on this and why partner training is so important to replicate the asymmetrical application of force in a fight or tournament).

* Work on loosening and strengthening the hips. The correct use of hips is as crucial in BJJ as it is in other martial arts.

* Train to build explosive strength and movement.

* Andre Galvao applies the idea of looking for a submission in a tournament to his wider life. The same can be said for the concepts of timing and efficiency.

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